Three Great Crowdfunding Websites!

Great Crowdfunding Options

We posted this information directly from an awesome website called Double The Donations below. Check out these three crowdfunding sites to set up a great campaign.

Donate Kindly allows small organizations to get up and running with their first donation widget in minutes. 

This way you can reach out to donors immediately and grow your online donor base without unnecessary overhead. Their tools are easy to use and ideal for those nonprofits with a small staff.

Donate Kindly doesn’t charge setup fees, no monthly or annual fees, and no hidden transaction fees. They give donors the option to tip during the donation process and rely on the generosity of donors to operate their service.

Donate Kindly is a free donation tool designed for small and growing nonprofit organizations. Set up your first donation widget in minutes without any setup, ongoing, or hidden fees.

Designed for organizations with a small staff that don’t have a huge technology budget, Donate Kindly makes it easy to accept donations through your website.

Additionally features like multi-user permissions, the ability to create unlimited donation widgets, and donation reporting makes this tool a great alternative to GoFundMe.

99 Pledges

Geared toward “event-a-thon” style fundraisers such as walkathons and bike-a-thons, 99Pledges makes it easy to share and manage your campaign.

When you start a 99Pledges fundraising campaign, each participant automatically receives a donation page to share with friends, family, and followers over email and on social media. 

Want to encourage a little friendly competition among your fundraisers? 99Pledges can track and share the progress of individuals or groups to show you who’s in the lead!

99Pledges campaign pages are accessible online and via mobile, making donation convenient and simple.

Have a great fundraising idea in mind? 99Pledges is the perfect way to encourage donations for a variety of popular fundraisers. If you’re looking for inspiration, they offer fundraising ideas that work well with their platform.

Fundly’s crowdfunding platforms is one of the best. It’s easy to get started, the fees are low, and you get to keep whatever funds you raise (regardless of whether or not you meet your goal!).

This “keep it all” (KiA) model allows fundraisers to focus on spreading awareness for their campaigns and recruiting more donors, instead of worrying about a deadline or a looming goal.

Like GoFundMe, Fundly’s platform enables fundraisers to upload media, post updates, tell their stories, and share their campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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