Bottles to the Border: Join a Pro-Life campaign to bring supplies to needy families!

“As a pro-life movement, we stand with the vulnerable and marginalized. On Saturday, July 13th, we will be showing up for our friends at the border in real ways. We will be taking mother and baby supplies, medicine, formula, nursing support, clothing, diapers, shoelaces, water, and anything else that they might need to make sure their families are being adequately supported and cared for in their time of need.”

You can give directly to this campaign and 100% of your donations will go towards getting supplies to families in need. The supplies will be taken directly to the Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, TX where they receive more than 800 people a day and are in great need of supplies. It’s true that detainment centers are turning away donations, but the respite centers are where detainees go once they’re out and they are accepting donations.

Bottles to the Border


from now thru July 13th will go towards our efforts to help families at the border.

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