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With countless, compassionate volunteers, MUST provides a nutritious lunch each summer weekday to thousands of children in seven counties. Since MUST can’t do it alone, the generosity of our communities makes it possible.

MUST appeals to community to “Save our Sandwiches”Health officialsput a halt to Summer Lunch homemade sandwichesafter 23 yearsMay 10, 2019, Marietta, GA ---

After much discussion with the state and county health officials, MUST Ministries has been informed that theycan no longer accept homemade sandwiches for the lunches given to thehungry children we serve annually. Last summer, MUST provided 259,154 sack lunches in seven counties to feed the most at-risk children.

“This year is the twenty fourth summer that MUST has fed hungry children and we have never had a problem, so this is devastating news for us. And the valuable meal program begins in just two weeks,” according to Dr. Ike Reighard, President and CEO of MUST

You Can Help Supply Food For These Children

MUST Ministries Summer Lunch Amazon Wishlist

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