About Generosity Together

Our Story

Generosity Together is a community organization developed to connect people from all around America to people who need their help. The purpose of this organization is to provide the opportunity for specialized giving and creative kindness. Sometimes the best thing you can give a person is a little bit of love.

Our Approach

The primary method of giving we encourage is through direct donations of goods, materials and other tangible products that can immediately help people who need them. Along with wish lists and specific types of needed items, we also encourage handmade items and gifts of joy such as flowers or fruit baskets. The options are truly endless!

We also support GoFundMe campaigns by members of our community and direct donations to charities all around the country as well.

Conservative Community

Although we welcome the kindness and generosity from anyone, our goal is to reach out to the uniquely charitable conservative community in order to help those in need today. Our organization is faith-friendly and we rely on the openness of churches and other religious organizations that routinely help distribute needed supplies.

Chad Felix Greene


My name is Chad Felix Greene and I operate Generosity Together. I volunteer my time and creativity to help organize and spread the word about important opportunities to give in our community. All submissions are reviewed by me and I routinely add new campaigns as I find them.

My husband and I are both active in the conservative community. I am a Senior Contributor to The Federalist and a vocal Pro-Life advocate. I have served on the board of the Federated Jewish Charities of my local chapter and been an ambassador for the United Way.

Please feel free to reach out to me any time!