Are you a non-profit organization?

Generosity Together is a charity organization but we do not receive or accept any direct funding. The website is entirely run by me and is designed to be a community forum to alert others of opportunities to help.

Do you receive any portion of the donations or any other benefits?

No, all donations go directly to the organization or the individual in the campaign. I do not receive any benefits or other compensation from any of the organizations listed.

How do I know I am giving to a real cause or person?

Each campaign is either discovered by myself or submitted to us directly. I do my best to vet the submissions.

  • GoFundMe Campaigns: These campaigns are submitted to us or shared through conservative social media and while there is always a risk of fraud, make sure to see the activity of the GoFundMe campaign website. GoFundMe has an excellent guide on vetting campaigns here.
  • Amazon or other Wish Lists: Wish Lists are created by an individual and a public link is shared to us. The list should contain many items that are meant to go to a direct, private address. We recommend reviewing any comments on the campaign. As always I will keep an eye out on each campaign.
  • Direct Donations: Sometimes a person may ask for people to send specific items for a person, group or organization. In this case they should provide an address and other contact information. Feel free to reach out to the campaign owner with questions. We recommend marking online gifts as 'gifts' to remove your personal information and not put personal information on a package when mailing.

As always, we want to trust that our donations are going to a good cause. Never give anyone direct contact information or send money.

How can I keep information safe?

  • Amazon or store Wish Lists: Make sure to select that the item is a 'gift' before checking out. This will conceal your personal information.
  • Direct Shipping: If the campaign you chose asks you to either send items from a store or directly:
    • All shipments for an organization should have the official mailing address attached.
    • Groups or donations for a person should be sent to a church, a post office or a charity address. We ask for every submission in this category to have a secure shipping address.
    • Mark a digital purchase as a 'gift' and ensure your personal information is not included.
    • If you ship directly, do not include any personal information on the package. Please include the provided insert so the receiver will know what the package is for.
  • Never send money or personal contact information.

Are there restrictions on items I can send?

We encourage creative kindness as much as possible, especially when it comes to handmade gifts! Just keep in mind that you will be sending items to a stranger and must protect yourself and this individual.

Avoid sending:

  • Homemade food.
    • We recommend sending edible surprised through delivery services that specialize in this.
  • Handmade liquid items or unsecure cosmetic or hygiene items.
    • Unless you make and ship these types of items professionally, it is best to buy samples at the store or direct-ship items from a website.
  • Breakable items.
    • Anything that could break or cause a safety concern in shipping should be avoided. We recommend purchasing from an online store if dishes, mirrors or other potentially dangerous items are requested.
  • Weapons of any kind.

Follow the USPS guidelines on shipping restrictions. Generosity Together cannot be held liable for items you send directly and we certainly don't want you to be either!

Is it unfair to send a lot of toys to one child for Christmas? What if I send flowers to someone in a nursing home and others feel left out?

This is an excellent question! When it comes to individual campaigns, we encourage donations to directly help them achieve a goal, say prepare for a new job or get ready for school etc. If a person knows a struggling family and wants to help them for the holidays we recommend either a personal touch campaign where people are asked to send handmade items like quilts or scarves, pantry items or uplifting cards, or see if a local church or organization is helping distribute gifts to kids and direct donations there.

Small Acts of Kindness can often be for an individual who really could use a smile. But we also encourage a campaign designed to send multiple thoughtful items to a nursing home or other facility to help brighten everyone's day. If you see a campaign and worry about others who might also need help, leave a comment or send me an email and we can create a new campaign together!