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What is your goal? Do you want to organize a campaign to help send supplies to an organization you support? Would you like to make life a little bit easier for someone starting a new job or headed off to college? Would you like to cheer up someone with a surprise or two from some kind strangers?

A campaign is unique and special and should have a specific goal in mind.

For example, you wouldn’t want to just ask people to ‘send food’ to the homeless shelter. That would be too broad and no one would know what to send! But you could set up a campaign to send bedding items to the homeless shelter, relieving some of the burden from the shelter and giving others the opportunity to buy specific items they know while benefit the needy.

Think small to get a big impact! One campaign does not have to save the world! It is far more effective to to set up a campaign to target a specific need right now and then when it is complete, move to the next one!

Running a campaign is easy once you narrow down your goal and decide on the type of campaign you want to run. Our service offers the following options to choose from:

  • Group or Organization Campaigns
  • Help a Person Campaigns
  • Small Act of Kindess
  • GoFundMe or Charity Fundraiser

Within the first two options you can choose to:

  • Create a wish list on Amazon or another website
  • Ask for specific types of donations
  • Ask for handmade donations

Small Acts of Kindness

A Small Act of Kindness is a simply gesture that will make a person smile that day. Here are a few good examples:

  • Request handmade blankets be sent to a nursing home
  • Ask for someone to send flowers to an elderly lady at your church who has no family
  • See if someone will order a dozen donuts to be delivered to a doctor’s office for patients or staff
  • Ask for someone to send a few stuffed animals to a little girl going through chemotherapy
  • Request birthday cards be sent to someone who is struggling with loss or depression

Creative kindness is endless and the more unique the idea, the more special it will be! Just make sure you keep everyone safe and respect their privacy! We will go into some guidelines on this shortly.

A great campaign is to help a specific organization get specific items they need. For example, a pro-life advocacy organization may need baby items, blankets, books or other special resources in their daily work. A homeless shelter may be running low on shoes or jackets in winter. A church might need arts and crafts supplies for an upcoming Bible School.

Ask the organization you wish to support what kind of supplies they need right now and then set up a public wish list or create a campaign with the details. Just because an organization accepts money donations does not mean they can’t use some help with materials or other supplies they use for their daily work.

Around the holidays each year we see a lot of churches and organizations setting up drives for toys, food and winter coats. These local drives can benefit from national support! Think of these organizations when you begin to picture the kind of campaigns you could run for families with children who are struggling.

Although it might be fun to send one child dozens of gifts from people all around the country for Christmas, we encourage you to think of the bigger impact. For example, what does the family really need this winter? Maybe they would benefit more from new bedding, towels and dishes than toys. If you run a campaign for toy donations that go to a service that distributes them you will make a wonderful impact!

When we think of wish lists we tend to think of Amazon. Amazon is an excellent source to use for safely and securely shipping important items to people very quickly. Follow this guide on Wish Lists for Amazon. You can watch this video below as well:

But don’t limit yourself to just Amazon. Look for your favorite stores and see if they have wish list options as well!

To build a campaign, follow the Submit a Campaign form step-by-step. Here are some tips:

Group or Organization

  • Reach out to a representative of the group or organization you want to help and make sure they can accept donations and see what they need at this time.
  • Make sure to use their official address or a safe address like a church or charity.
  • Ask them for a photo.
  • They may be able to provide you with a wish list or simply options to consider.

Helping a Person

  • If you do not know the person directly, make sure to talk with people they are close to so they know you would like to run a campaign for them.
  • It is exciting to surprise someone, which you can do by gathering up the donations and presenting them at a gathering or party, but it might be good to ask them first and see what they need.
  • Do not use their full name or other identifying details like school name or city.
  • Make sure to send us a picture of them! Ask first if you are unsure.
  • Make sure to include personal preferences like favorite color, style, animal or any other detail that will make the gifts special.

Small Act of Kindness

  • Make sure you inform a person in charge of the office or facility that you want to provide a positive experience. Get guidance from them.
  • When at all possible, think of the group along with the individual. If you know a lonely elderly lady in a nursing home, I bet there are a lot of other people facing the same challenges alongside her. Make your campaign a surprise for all of them!
  • Handmade gifts are wonderful, but be sure to pre-wash any fabrics with fragrance-free soap in case of sensitivities.

Many services like GrubHub allow you to make online orders for food to be sent to an address. This is an excellent way to make people smile if you think ahead! You could send a dozen donuts to a doctor’s office for the staff or patients. You and others could buy a surprise lunch for nurses during very busy times of the year or retail employees at a store you love. The options are endless!

You can also contact the store and ask about online or over-the-phone deliveries.

The best part of our community is that we love to gather together for a good cause. Consider sharing your campaign on social media and asking local friends to join you for an afternoon to sew quilts, put together baskets or pack boxes. The more people you get together the more of an impact you can bring!

We are a conservative-driven organization which means that our primary community is made up of conservative individuals supporting a variety of causes, but many align with ideological principles such as supporting Pro-Life groups.

This does not mean we won’t support or help drive campaigns for traditionally liberal or progressive organizations or causes. But we do have a few restrictions on the types of submissions we will accept:

  • Political Fundraising
    • We do not wish to participate in political fundraising for a candidate or party.
  • *Funding* for abortion
    • We do not wish to participate in the direct funding of abortion services or advocacy. We are happy to support supply drives for any organization that needs clothing, blankets, food or other needs, however. If you are unsure, just ask! If it is helping a person, we want to support it!
  • Efforts to shut down or silence speech or religious expression
    • We support everyone’s freedom to express themselves and so campaigns designed to raise money or awareness to cancel, remove, ban or shut down any form of speech or religious expression is not appropriate for our site.
  • Legitimate ‘Hate’ groups
    • We do not wish to support campaigns designed to provide funding or supplies for the purpose of confrontational aggressiveness, harassment, or efforts organized around targeting a group or a person. We want to stay positive and uplifting.
  • Funding for research involving the use of tissue from aborted fetuses
    • Our mission is pro-life in purpose and we do not wish to participate in raising funds for research that utilizes tissue from aborted fetuses.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If the goal is to provide needed items for a person or a group that supports individuals or animals, we are more than happy to help! The political affiliation, personal history, identity, etc., of any individual who is the subject of a campaign is irrelevant to their need. We want to help everyone!

GoFundMe is the largest and most well-known and secure way to raise money to help a person in need. Although the organization has delved into politics, removed campaigns unfairly and has campaigns designed to support pro-abortion causes, we believe the good outweighs the bad.

Many good people with real and urgent needs use the platform and they deserve our help! But if you are uncomfortable using GoFundMe, there are many alternatives listed here and as long as they provide a secure method of payment, we are happy to accept them.

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